Ecuadorian Wedding Traditions

Ecuador is known as a country with so many exquisite customs and customs that are fantastic. Should you be looking for a vacation spot wedding in which your personal day will be filled with meaning and symbolism, seek out Ecuador!

Traditions & Rite of Passage

The very first thing you need to know about having a wedding in Ecuador is that it is not the same as the American wedding. Ecuadorian wedding customs are seated in the local tradition and etiquette, rather than American ones.

A Traditional Ecuadorian Wedding Ceremony

The regular Ecuadorian wedding party consists of a religious ceremony. It lasts for around four to five hours in fact it is usually performed in a chapel or community centre. In this wedding, the bride and groom are blessed with water, and receive presents from their families.

Food & Drinks

The food dished up in this wedding service is typically the variety of both Latin and indigenous foods. It can involve meat and poultry steaks, soup, and rice. The menu depends on the region and will be online dating when to be exclusive accompanied by traditional drinks, such as caffeine or state of mind.

Music & Dance

In Republic of ecuador, music plays a huge role in their events. You can work with a traditional folk singer so, who sings songs in both Quechua and Spanish different languages and combines them with pre-Colombian instruments to build the perfect sound.

An effective Ecuadorian marriage ceremony would have a strap and DJ to keep the party heading until midnight, and you can anticipate your friends and relatives to have a excellent time. Don’t fret if you have two left foot, go with the movement and enjoy your most happy moment!

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